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Cottages by County, 4 & 5 star holiday cottages in England, Scotland & Wales, Self catering accommodation in the United Kingdom(UK)

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Cottages by County - For comfortable, well equipped 4 & 5 star self-catering holiday accommodation in fantastic rural and seaside locations throughout the UK

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much will an entry cost? Cottages By County are offering you a FREE property entry on the site for 4 months. Once your free entry expires, we will send you a subscription renewal offer which allows you to extend your subscription for a further 12 months at a price of £120.00 (inclusive of VAT).

How quickly can my page be added to the site? Once we have received your initial emailed property details we will contact you to inform you of your unique log-in address. After that you can upload your property as soon as you are ready. We will need photographs of the property (you can include up to 6 photographs on your page without incurring any additional charges). We will need up to two working days to upload your photographs.

What happens if I lose my log in number? Contact us and we will issue with a new user ID.

Can I email my photos to you? Yes, please send them as separate jpeg files (we do not accept photos which have been embedded in Word documents). If your photos have a very large file size, we would ask you to send them on a CD. N.B. We do not copy photos from your own or anyone else's website. However you are free to copy pictures from your site and send them to us as email attachments.

Can extra photographs be added to my property page? Yes, we can add additional photos to your page at any time. Six photos are included as standard in the price of your page; additional photos can be added for a charge of £10 per photo. Can photos be changed on my page? Photos can be changed at any time for a handling charge of £10 per photo.

Can I make text changes? Once you have your unique Owner log-in ID you can log in to the site at any time to alter or update your text entry.

How do I pay? Payment can be taken by cheque (made payable to Suffolk Cottage Holidays Ltd) or debit card, or credit card payments which are subject to a 2.5% surcharge to cover bank charges incurred for such transactions. We do not accept American Express.

What do you mean by 'properties of 4 or 5 star rating'? Whilst many owners might wish to obtain, or already have, a Tourist Board or AA rating for their property, Cottages By County do not insist on this. All that we ask is that your property is of an equivalent standard to that of a 4 or 5 star accredited property. To ensure that standards meet holidaymaker's expectations we will be including Visitor Feedback postings for every property advertised.

Who decides the order of listings? There is no preferential listing of properties. A system of randomisation ensures that every property will reach the top of the list equally frequently. But with Cottages By County's restriction to just 50 top quality properties per county you can be assured that your property will always get noticed. Can I request that my page be removed from the website? If circumstances change (whether due to the sale of your property or for any other reason) we can remove your entry from the website at short notice, so long as you confirm this request to us in writing. There is no fee involved in removing an entry from the Cottages By County website, however please note that removal of your entry effectively terminates your subscription and we cannot offer a refund for any part of the annual subscription already paid.

Any other questions? If you have any other questions please do contact us at or phone on +44 (0)1394 412300


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